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My Pilates Journey

I had attended Pilates classes for about 4 years, before someone asked me if I had considered teaching it myself.  I wasn’t working at the time and I certainly was not used to the study regime that followed!!!  I had lots of support from my fab tutor, class mates and...

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Taking the Plunge

I couldn’t have imagined how my life would change, once I had qualified as an Aqua Instructor in June 2016!!!!  I have always kept reasonably fit and enjoyed a variety of different types of exercise. To be honest, I had no intention of studying for the Active IQ Level...

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What are you insured to deliver?

Did you know that you are only insured for the qualifications you have? We often have lots of questions about insurance and what is covered. I thought this blog may help. Many people are confused as they think that being a qualified gym, PT or studio instructor they...

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I have loved aerobic classes and have done since I was 15 years of age (I am now 51). My first class jogging to record tracks (not mp3 or CDs) making sure the needle was on the right track and you did not bounce to near the record player. Being able to jog for 2...

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New Year, New You!

New Year…New You? It is around this time every year that our television and general media become saturated with New Year’s Resolutions related articles. They tell us to be thinner, fitter, stronger, more mindful, eco-friendly…I could go on but I imagine that you get...

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Choosing a Training Provider

Gosh what a mine field! So many out there claiming to be the best and then the prices! OMG don’t they vary. Here are some steps that may help… When choosing your course, check that the course is accredited by an awarding body. Check that the course is accredited by...

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Nutrition for Exercise

How many calories? how many grams? how much carbohydrates? how much protein? How much fat? These are all questions that give the masses a huge headache when it comes to being health, losing or even gaining weight. Well worry no more! Today I’m going to show you just...

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15 Tips for Breaking Free from Binge Eating

These tips are not listed in any specific order. 1) Another diet is NOT the answer strict diets, especially those that revolve around limiting or completely eliminating foods, food groups, or macronutrients only add fuel to the binge eating fire. The solution is not...

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Health benefits of drinking lemon water

So, it turns out that my brother in-law Jason JAY  is right.  Ever since he was small, one of his favourite fruits has been lemons.  He just chomps them down, rind and all. Well, get ready, because you are going to start seeing lemons more commonly than ever. Lemons...

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Should I exercise when I’m sick?

Exercise when you're sick: Should you sweat it out? Or rest and recover? Everybody gets sick. But it’s tough to know what to do about it. Should you “sweat it out” in the gym? Or get some rest instead? In this article we clear up the confusion. So that next time you...

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Are you too Busy to exercise?

How to Fit Exercise into Your Routine—No Matter How Busy You Are We all know by now that maintaining an active lifestyle should be one of our top priorities in life. Only by taking care of ourselves do we stand a chance of being the kind of person we strive to be on...

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Is Motivation Useless?

The day was May 6th, 1954, in Oxford, England. A gentleman named Roger Bannister did the impossible: he ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59 seconds. For the nine years prior to this race, the world record had stood at 4:01, and it was widely considered that crossing that...

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