I have loved aerobic classes and have done since I was 15 years of age (I am now 51). My first class jogging to record tracks (not mp3 or CDs) making sure the needle was on the right track and you did not bounce to near the record player. Being able to jog for 2 tracks was my goal… don’t forget this was before wooden floors or any standardised qualification, how times have changed. We exercised on concrete floors, carpets, anything went.  Abdominal work hanging on to my leggings doing sit ups, baggy bottoms and tops were in, no one cared what you wore as long as you were happy. I loved it then and I still love it.

So I am still teaching aerobic classes at 51 and yes my class participants are awesome fun, smiles and giggles all around. Wooden sprung floors and comfy clothes are my thing. I am not bothered what people wear (as long as it is some kind of workout wear) old or new, as long as they are comfy. Exercise should be fun and sociable as well as beneficial for all health reasons, but without laughter and a relaxed environment it is not the same. Please note I don’t use LPs or 7inches and tapes anymore (however I do still have them lol!) I am up to date with music technology (just), IPod leads are a must.

So are you an aerobic fan? Leggings and the 3 Ts (trainers, t-shirt and towel) is all you need, oh and water. I have just qualified a great group of instructors in Exercise to Music (ETM) and what an awesome group they are. My passion is seeing these people develop their careers and carry on the aerobic party.

If you want to experience one of our classes or courses contact us and join the fun.