Gosh what a mine field! So many out there claiming to be the best and then the prices! OMG don’t they vary.

Here are some steps that may help…

When choosing your course, check that the course is accredited by an awarding body.

Check that the course is accredited by Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs) and that the course will give you recognised entry plus Continual Development points.

There are many courses out there that are not and you will pay a lot of money and spend many hours of study time only to find that once you are qualified that the course is not accredited and you have not obtained or only obtained a minimum, which could be 2, Continual Development Points.

Costs! Well so many variations! Don’t always be taken in by the lowest and those offering to beat others with reduced prices!  Saving money does not mean you are always getting the best deal! The most important thing is to see who your tutor is, what qualifications they have, do they teach regularly, ask the name of the tutor before you book and most transparent reputable companies will give you the tutors name and a background of them. Plus of course as already stated above, is the course accredited!

Who is your assessor? Have you been given the name of your internal verifier? Do you have contact details for all persons involved in your course? If not then always question this as it is paramount to every course that each learner has these available.

There are many providers that will book you onto a course and then once that is booked search for a tutor, assessor and internal verifier, whom they have never met, worked with or know anything about. To me it is not beneficial for any learner as the tutor, assessor and IV will know nothing about how the company works which in the end is detrimental to you the learner.

So when you book do not be afraid to ask questions!

Good luck with your course search. Don’t forget we are happy to help you, just ask J

We have a strong team who have been working in this industry together in a friendly professional environment.


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