Claire Darlow


Claire has been involved in Pilates for over 17 years when she was first introduced to it at professional dance school as part of the curriculum.  Once she entered the fitness industry she soon decided to study Pilates to enable her to teach.  Initially training at the Pilates Institute and then later with Polestar Pilates and more recently JPilates, upgrading to the full Level 3 Diploma recently introduced.  Claire has been teaching Pilates for more than 10 years teaching group mat work classes, fusion Pilates/Yoga group classes and one to one sessions. Claire has recently relocated to Cambridgeshire from London to bring up a family and will soon establish classes in the area where she lives.


Claire has worked within the fitness industry in a variety of roles including studio and gym manager working for Holmes Place in the past and then went onto entering the education sector working as a tutor, assessor and internal quality assurer and will soon work as an external quality assurer.  She is currently on maternity leave from SkillsActive where she manages the endorsement department.


Pilates has and will always be a passion for Claire both personally and also as a teacher to others.  Claire teaches the original Pilates repertoire but also likes to blend other styles to keep her teaching fresh and balanced for all clients. Claire is qualified to deal with pre and postnatal clients and also referred clients with lower back pain issues, which is where she would like to specialize soon in conjunction with a local Osteopath.

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