Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Circuit Training 

What Qualifications do I get?

With this course  you gain the following  qualification:

YMCA Awards Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Circuit Training

This qualification allows you to enter the fitness industry as a Circuit Training instructor. You will be able to teach circuit  classes  in local gyms, leisure centres, halls and focus on your style of session as a Physical Activity Adviser.


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Want to qualify as a Level 2 Certificated Circuit Instructor?


YMCA Awards Level 2 Certificate Circuit Instructor 

This qualification comprises the following units:

  • Unit 1 Anatomy and physiology for exercise and fitness instructors
  • Unit 2 Providing a positive customer experience in the exercise environment
  • Unit 3 Lifestyle and health awareness management
  • Unit 4 Planning group circuit training session
  • Unit 5 Instructing group circuit training sessions

Successful achievement of all units must be achieved for the full qualification.

Are there any Prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the course.

How Do I Book?

Stage 1. You can either complete the contact form by clicking here  ,or you can scroll down the page and click on the book course which will open up a new page. Once we have received your contact information we will email the enrolment documents to complete.

You can also telephone and we will start the process by emailing you the documents.

Stage 2. Once we have received all documents and payment you will receive the resources for the course. This will take approximately a week to process. If you would like to use our interest free payment plan please ask as details will then be emailed to you.

Stage 3. You can start learning once you have received all resources. You will  be guided how to start and what is required. You will be provided with your tutor contact details.

Stage 4. You will be emailed the course schedule which will give you the venue address and requirements.

We are happy to answer any questions you have so please do ask smile


Learning Course Stages

Stage 1 –Once you have enrolled onto the course you will be provided with your learning resources.

Stage 2 – You will receive your hard copy manuals and your login details for the elearning modules. The schedule for your training days will be emailed to you. This process can take up to 5 working days to process. You will also be provided with your tutor details who will contact you.

Stage 3 –You can start working through the elearning and study where you feel comfortable. Using the hard copy manuals will allow you to make notes as you work. You will have 300 days to complete your elearning modules.

Stage 4– You will attend the scheduled training days where the tutor will guide you through all the skills you require to complete your assessments.

Stage 5 When you are ready we will provide you with a list of assessment dates. You can then choose the dates you wish to attend from the list. We offer weekday and weekend choices. You also have the choice of doing all assessments remotely. Theory papers can be taken using eproctering and Practical assessments via remote assessment.

Stage 6 – Once all units have passed and your work has been through our quality assurance process your certificate will be requested from the awarding body, YMCA Awards. Once we receive your certificate we will post to you.

Stage 7 – Once you are qualified you can apply for job as a Circuit instructor.

We look forward to supporting you through your learning.

How will I be assessed?

To achieve the qualification you must complete and pass the following:

  • Learner Assessment Record
  • Assessment Workbook
  • Multiple Choice Theory paper
  • Practical examination
  • Portfolio of evidence

There is no charge for reassessments.

Total Qualification Time

200 hours

This is an estimate of the total amount of time this qualification will take to achieve.

Please read all terms and conditions

Blended Learning  

              Blended learning consists of remote learning on Zoom with your tutor.

You can start studying at home once enrolled!

As we are in an unsettled climate presently with COVID 19 we are teaching the course via Zoom which means you can study at home with your tutor.

You can then book onto the assessment days from a selection of dates that will be emailed to you. Contact us with any questions smile

Course Dates

March 2021 Dates

You attend the following Training days:

  • Friday 12th March 2021
  • Friday 19th March
  • Friday 26th March
  • Assessment day will be arrange one the course 

Blended Learning Cost


Price £450.00 

0% payment plans available on request.

Please read all terms and conditions


If you would like to use the payment plan option you can pay the deposit by clicking here. We then set up direct debit payment plan for the remaining payments. These are 0% payment plans and details available on request.

Please read all terms and conditions

Awarding body 

The Awarding body for our Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Circuit Training qualification is YMCA Awards.  Once you have achieved all elements of the qualification and the quality assurance process has been completed your nationally recognised certificate will be processed. 




Level 2 Certificated Circuit Instructor

This course is for all who are 16+ and are wishing to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry as a Level 2 Certificated Circuit Instructor. This qualification allows you to circuit classes while using your own chosen music and be creative. It also allows entry to the industry as a certificated level 2 instructor.



You will gain the  knowledge, understanding and skills required to plan and instruct group circuit training sessions.


0% Payment plans available

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Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Circuit Training Sessions

Enter the fitness industry as a level 2 Circuit  fitness instructor. Learn the following skills:

  • How to prepare, plan, design and instruct safe and effective circuit  sessions
  • The use of music, imagery, and motivational techniques during a circuit session

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