Mark Brearley




Mark has worked and studied within the health/fitness and professional sport industries for 8 years. Becoming a Personal Trainer has always been his goal since school and has since worked a variety of roles within the leisure industry. Mark teaches in a number of settings; one to one personal training, boot camps, spinning, kettlebell classes, sport setting and online training and nutritional plans. Recently, He has obtained a BSc Hons degree in Sport Science and is keen to progress onto a MSc; knowledge is power! Additionally, Mark has worked as a Strength & Conditioning coach for Leicester Tigers R.F.C. And has a passion for all things sport (clearly rugby Is one of his favourites). All matters regarding strength, conditioning, muscle gain, weight loss and sport specific fitness are all of great interest to Mark.

Mark is a big believer in practicing what he preaches and one of his major hobbies is aesthetic bodybuilding. He has a desire to compete within the pro fitness model categories of bodybuilding and is currently working towards this. Mark is a member of Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs).