Charity Fund Raising

Our Chosen Charities for 2020

SMART Qualifications Team and SMART Classes are coming together to raise funds for for these charities. The selected charities have been chosen as they are close to our hearts.

Throughout 2019 we will be fund raising  holding events where we all can be involved. The monies raised will be split equally between all 3 charities at the end of 2019.

Details on each charity can be read as you scroll down the page.





MDS – Myelodysplastic syndrome

Emma Paine is one of SMART Qualifications tutors.  Emma was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) a type of blood cancer when she was 17.  Treatment meant that she was able to go to university, start work and train to be an aerobics instructor.  Unfortunately the cancer returned in 2011 and the only cure was to have a bone marrow transplant.  Anthony Nolan undertook a search on an international register and found a donor for Emma from Germany.  After the transplant Emma was able to return to her passion of teaching aerobics.  Sadly a further relapse in 2015.  Once again Anthony Nolan supported Emma and helped save her life.  Emma said that without her passion for health and fitness she doesn’t think she’d be here now.  She’s pushed herself to stay strong and healthy even throughout her treatment, getting out and running/ going to the gym on her good days and backing off on her bad days with a walk or gentle yoga.


SMART Qualifications has been a lifeline for Emma, meeting Suzanna and Helena and taking part in courses. Working towards qualifications gave Emma a focus and drive to achieve something through a difficult time. Emma said “I loved my step aerobics course with Suzanna. Suzanna helped me to build up the confidence to branch away from teaching pre-choreographed routines and to embrace doing my own routines for exercise to music.”  “Doing my yoga course with Helena was life changing.  I never intended to actually teach yoga initially, but just wanted to further my personal practice, its now my favourite class I teach!  The time spent with Helena was invaluable I learnt so much, and not just about yoga but also myself.  I learnt to be kinder to myself, listen to my body among many other things. Helena is currently teaching a weekly practice on Tuesday mornings and it’s lovely to practice with my yoga mummy!”


Emma would like to raise awareness of the importance of the work MDS UK does in supporting patients through their treatment. MDS is a very rare and complex disease, and a lot of patients can feel a bit lost when initially diagnosed. MDS Uk is a small charity that helps to support patients going through diagnosis. They provide one-2-one support (via a telephone helpline), group sessions, newsletters and a patient support group online forum and facebook. They have been a great support to me, helping me to gain the funding for my second transplant and providing a knowledgable ear to talk to, and I have seen the great support they have provided other patients with. A quote:

“We want to ensure that all patients and families receive the attention and information they need during those particularly difficult times – straight after diagnosis, at treatment changes, time of transplant or progression of the condition.”

“We are able to run the MDS UK Patient Support Group thanks to donations from individuals and businesses, fundraising events and grants from pharmaceutical companies – as well as memorial donations from families who sadly lost a loved one to MDS.

MDS UK does not currently receive any other types of grants or assistance from Government or Trusts.”

You can read more about Emma’s journey on her blog


Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity.  We operate throughout the UK, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby, working to improve the care bereaved parents receive, and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.

Sands is determined to make a real difference to the lives of bereaved families across the UK. But we can only continue to deliver our crucial work with your support.

When you donate or fundraise for Sands, you are supporting our vision of a world where fewer babies die and helping to ensure that every bereaved family, wherever they live in the UK, gets the care and support they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it.

We achieve this by:

Supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby

Improving bereavement care

Promoting research to save more babies’ lives

We have chosen SANDS because in 2002 Suzanna and Danny the Directors of SMART Qualifications daughter was stillborn at PDH Peterborough.  SANDS provided support in their charity funded  maternity suite. 


The NSPCC are the leading children’s charity in the UK, specialising in child protection and dedicated to the fight for every childhood. We’re the only UK children’s charity with statutory powers and that means we can take action to safeguard children at risk of abuse.  NSPCC stands for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Peterborough “service centre”

Hear and Now helps children who may have been sexually abused to find ways to talk about it, work out their feelings and feel better.  We also talk to their parents or carers to help the whole family.  Children aged 4 to 18 who professionals are concerned about.

Letting the Future In is a service for children who’ve experienced sexual abuse.  It helps children rebuild their lives so they can overcome the past and look forward to the future.  It’s a therapeutic service which allows children to express themselves through play. They can work safely through past experiences and start to move on.  We also work with parents or carers, to help the whole family.  Children aged 4-17 who’ve been sexually abused can be referred to this service.

Protect and Respect supports children and young people who have been sexually exploited, or are at risk of it happening.  We help children so they’re less vulnerable to sexual exploitation, however and wherever it happens.  This service is open to children and young people aged 11-19 who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation or who have been sexually exploited.

Turn the Page helps young people overcome feelings that have made them harm another child sexually.  The programme aims to help young people change their behavior by helping them realise what they’re thinking and feeling, and then how to manage their actions.  Children and young people aged 5-18 who professionals are concerned about.

Around the World Challenge 2019-2020

We are completing our virtual walk around the world over 12 months.  There are approximately 50 million steps around the world, 24,901 miles.  We are  swimming, walking, biking, running, steps from fitness classes, whatever we can to get those steps done.  You can help by sponsering us. We are aiming to raise £1,500 for this challenge but with your help we could raise a lot more!

To Sponser us Please click here 

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