Equality Mission Statement

Smart Qualifications Limited

Mission Statement – Equality

The mission of our Disability Services is to provide a professional, confidential and responsive service to support the needs of disabled students and staff. We are committed to the provision of a truly inclusive and equitable learning and working environment that fosters a universal experience of the highest quality for all students and staff.

We aim to:

  •  Identify and support disabled students’ and staff individual needs, including all reasonable adjustments.
  •  Develop communication channels that enable the effective, consistent and timely communication of disabled students’ and staff needs.
  •  Provide a professional, study and work-needs assessment service.
  • Provide information, advice and staff development opportunities that support the development of accessible tutoring, assessment and working practices, and support Smart Qualifications Limited’s compliance with the Equality Act.
  • Provide the appropriate environment for students and staff to work and study in. This may be at our head office located at 99 Fengate, Peterborough, PE1 5BA, or at one of our satellite centres with custom facilities.
  • Regularly review the Service’s operation and provision in response to user feedback.