Fitness Courses

SMART Qualifications offers a variety of fitness courses from Level 2, Level 3 and Continual Professional Development (CPD) awards.



Level 2 Certificates and Awards

The level 2 certificates are your pathways into the industry and once you have qualified can open many doors for you. Completing and passing the level 2 gym certificate can allow you to enrol onto a Les Mills course to teach Body Pump. It is also the first stage to becoming a Personal Trainer. The Exercise to Music certificate (ETM) will allow you to teach a variety of studio based classes and enrol onto a Les Mills programme to teach Body Combat, Body Attack etc

The fitness activity for children course is a fabulous certificate to achieve as this will enable you to teach children a variety of fitness activities. If you have a gym qualification you can then teach children in a gym environment, ETM with this qualification would allow you to teach ETM to the 5-15 years children/teenager, Aqua qualification and the fitness activity for children qualification would allow you to teach children activities in the pool. If you are a qualified Pilates and or Yoga instructor once achieving the fitness activity for children  certificate you can teach your specialty to children.





Level 3 Qualifications

This is the next step after level 2 giving you Level 3 status as an instructor once you have achieved a level 3 certificate or diploma. Level 3 Pilates Diploma and Level 3 Yoga Instructor do not have any pre-requisites, you go straight in at Level 3 however participation in these classes as a participant before booking the course would be beneficial for the practical elements of the courses.

The Level 3 Personal trainer is the next stage after the Level 2 gym course. You must have a level 2 gym certificate before booking the PT course, however if you don’t then we off that course too under the level 2 courses.

Level 3 Diploma in exercise  referral is a must for all PTs, Pilates and Yoga instructors as this allows more diverse clientele to work with. This qualification will enable to you to seek work in your community with links from local GPs.

CPD Awards

Kettlebell and suspension training can open more opportunity by teaching group Kettlebell sessions and suspension movement. So versatile and easier to transport to clients, venues and out-door training.

Indoor Cycling and Circuits allows you to create your own inspirational classes accommodating the participants needs. Spin classes are a big demand within the fitness industry and a must for all gym & ETM instructors. Circuits is adaptable and can be taught inside and outdoors allowing for creativity.

CPDs are great bolt-on qualifications for all Level 2 and Level 3 Fitness instructors. They add more creativity to clients plans which in-turn aids with exercise adherence.