Management Courses


Level 3 Education and Training

This course is for any industry. If you wish to teach in your specialist field in further education this qualification is for you. You learn how to write lesson plans, the difference between a scheme of work and lesson plans, how to arrange you venue to meet keep your learners attentive whilst covering all aspects of diversity.

If you are delivering in-house training in your working environment for example in a bank, catering, hairdressing, engineering, fitness, sales, etc plus  team building activities, running courses or teaching in colleges you need this qualification.



Assessor Qualifications

Our assessor qualifications are open to every industry. All assessor qualifications are set at level 3. If you are looking to assess in your chosen field then we have 4 assessor qualifications to choose from. The 3 awards are units which work towards the 4th qualification which is the certificate which allows you to assess VRQs and NVQs.

Your chosen specialty awarding body guidance will give detail on which assessor qualification you require. The assessor 1 is the underpinning knowledge for all and you can do this anytime before moving onto assessor 2, 3 or 4.

If your industry is delivering NVQs you will need assessor 2. If you need to assess VRQs then you need assessor 3. If you are assessing both then you need assessor 4 which is the whole certificate.

You need to hold an assessing qualification 2 , 3 or 4 before you can apply to study the progression of becoming an internal verifier.


Internal Verifier

To become and qualify as an internal verifier you need to have an assessing qualification. Our internal quality assurance qualifications are open to any industry. The Internal quality assurance qualifications are set at level 4. Every course needs to be internally quality assured to ensure that all standards are met, that best practice is seen and provided within your specialised area.

The IQA 1 is the underpinning knowledge which is the first stage. The IQA 2 is where you put into practice unit 1. You internally verify 2 courses in your chosen field, learn to record all aspects, give feedback to assessors and support tutors and assessors in their roles.

If you are looking for the next level as a lead internal verifier for a team of IVs please contact us as we have that qualification for you too.