Yoga Teacher Training Course

YA200hrs Diploma

What Qualifications do I get?

With this course you gain the following qualifications:

  • YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (Practitioner)
  • Registered Yoga Teacher for 200hours with Yoga Alliance Professionals (RYT200hrs)


 The Benefits

During your training on this course you are able to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals as a Trainee Yoga Teacher (TYT). Once qualified, this qualification enables you to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals 200 hrs gaining  recognition and insurance. Our training school has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may register with Yoga Alliance Professionals to use their relevant membership level designation, as a sign of quality training.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

YA200hrs Diploma

Classroom Learning  

YA200hrs You start with the foundation qualification from  our  Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga and then we progress on with a further 8 days to achieve the YA200hours. Within the course we welcome specialised tutors in each specific area, i.e. Pranayama, meditation & Anatomy & Physiology.

This qualification comprises of the following mandatory units:

Unit 1 – Level 3 Applied anatomy and physiology

Unit 2 – Providing a positive customer experience in the exercise enviroment

Unit 3 –Lifestyle management and health awareness

Unit 4 – The Philosophy and Fundamentals of Yoga

Unit 5 – Principles of planning and delivering group exercise session

Unit 6 – Plan and deliver a Yoga Session

We also inclue the Level 2 Anatomy and physiology unit.

 Yoga Training Course Schedule click here

We have recommended some reading books for both Yoga Courses – please click  here to access the list.

All units will be delivered in a classroom. You will be supported by your tutor during your learning journey. The days are spaced to ensure enough time for your to study and prepare. You will be provided with all your course resources and revision aids.This is a great way to learn as you are working to set dates in a set time frame. You will meet new friends and be able to share your experiences in a confidential environment.

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Prerequistes for the course

The course is for adults (aged 16+) and the entry requirements are:

• You must have attended Yoga classes for a minimum of 2 years, more is desirable. 

• a degree of physical fitness is necessary as the course required physical exertion

• basic skills in communication pitched at level 2


Starts: Thursday 10th October 2019

Venue: SMART Qualifications, 99 Fengate, Peterborough, PE1 5BA

18 face to face training days and 2 assessments

12 month course dates & Venue – click here

 Course cost:  £2700.00

Interest free payment plans are available on request.

0% payment plans available on request.

Please read all terms and conditions


How do I book?

Stage 1. You can either complete the contact form by clicking here  ,or you can scroll down the page and click on the book course which will open up a new page. Once we have received your contact information we will email the enrolment documents to complete.

You can also telephone and we will start the process by emailing you the documents. 

Stage 2. Once we have received all documents and payment you will receive the resources for the course. This will take approximately a week to process. If you would like to use our interest free payment plan please ask as details will then be emailed to you.

Stage 3. You can start learning once you have received all resources. You will  be guided how to start and what is required. You will be provided with your tutor contact details.

Stage 4. You will be emailed the course schedule which will give you the venue address and requirements.

We are happy to answer any questions you have so please do ask smile

Dates for Classroom Learning

Choose the course you wish to attend.

 Peterborough –

Venue: The course is held in our new premises SMART Qualifications 99 Fengate, Peterborough, PE1 5BA

How will I be assessed?


Worksheets for each unit

10 week overview


Detailed session plans

Practical observations

Self evaluation

Personal development plans

Personal practice and reflection diary

YA200 SMART Qualifications is an approved training provider for Active IQ and YMCA Awards. On achieving the assessment process and the quality assurance process is completed your nationally recognised certificate will be processed. On certification you can gain entry to the Registered Exercise Professional (REPs) register at Level 3 and is worth 20 Continual Development Points (CPD). You will receive a certificate for YA200hrs which will allow you to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals and gain Yoga teaching credibility and insurance


Our training school has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may register with Yoga Alliance Professionals to use their relevant membership level designation, as a sign of quality training

YA200hr Yoga Teacher Training course

We have designed this YA200hr Yoga Teacher Training course to organically progress and grow on from the foundation Level 3 Diploma in Teaching yoga course that we previously offered, which is included in this qualification


Yoga teacher Certificate

You will receive a certificate for YA200hrs which will allow you to register with Yoga Alliance and gain Yoga teaching credibility and insurance

0% Payment plans availiable

Spread the cost with 0% financing. Credit subject to application and status.

Course Tutor:

Helena Bingham Registered Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) Helena is a down to earth and ‘real’ teacher – her endless knowledge on the subject of ‘Wholistic’ health & Yoga is inspiring and addictive. “Helena’s knowledge of yoga is profound, her understanding of the practice, philosophy and the teaching of it is astounding, she is deeply experienced in all the aspects of yoga practice and teaching, her passion for yoga and the teaching of it is total, and palpable in all her classes. All of these make her an incredible teacher.” John C. Parkin 
Train to be a Yoga-Teacher with Helena Bingham

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200 Hour YTT

SMART qualifications is a professional and welcoming organisation. Suzanna was warm and informative in her email correspondence and I received all the information I required. The course was wonderful with amazing guest tutors to talk us through elements such as philosophy, mudras, and pranayama. The SMART team really helped make anatomy and physiology fun and interesting! Helena was our course tutor. She is such a beautiful soul and a fantastic teacher. She lives her yoga practice and this really came across in her teachings. Sukha and sthira – soft and flexible yet stable and strong – applies to Helena perfectly. This made her a wonderful teacher and mentor. I am really sad that I am almost at the end of my course, but I also feel ready for the next step on my journey.


 “Helena is an insightful and compassionate tutor. Her knowledge of the subject is unrivalled and she does not just teach yoga to students, she lives her subject. Her understanding of the way people learn in different ways is highlighted by her ability to not only communicate on many levels but to convey esoteric principles in a way that makes them easily accessible. Helena understands that the subject matter, from philosophy to anatomy, means different things to different pupils and her encouragement of self-directed learning helps her students to develop in a deeply personal way. She has the ability to take an ancient belief system and apply it to the modern world and make it alive, real and extremely relevant. 

Alison – Letchworth

Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

I genuinely can’t recommend this course highly enough. There is a team approach to the course which means that participants benefit from a range of experts in their fields, all of whom are passionate and knowledgable and their teaching is very accessible. Helena embodies yoga, it oozes from every pore! To paraphrase Helena ‘where there is yoga there is love’ and this comes through so much on the course.


 “I really enjoyed the course and have learned more than I could have imagined.  I eat differently, I know about food and its vibrational qualities and how this can improve the experience of yoga. 

I understand different styles of yoga and feel that a whole yoga world has opened up for me and I can choose which way I take it. So many options.  The course has changed how I live my life for the better and I am really grateful for the experience.    Namaste!” 

Esther – Hitchin

Helena Bingham our tutor, not only passed on knowledge in an experiential way during my time studying with her but also encouraged a level of self- acceptance and a curiosity that will continue with me for a long time to come.

The past 12 months spent  training to be a yoga teacher with Helena have been rich and life enhancing. xxx

Maddy – Brighton

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