Suzanna Brazier

Suzanna has been working in the fitness industry since 1987. Suzanna took her first qualification when leg-warmers and leotards were the craze and gained her first qualification Exercise to Music in 1988. Gosh do you remember pink leg warmers and matching leotards? In the year 1989, Gin Miller created the first Aerobic Step class and we all headed to Loughborough for the experience. That was the next phase in Suzanna’s path in the forever growing industry. Step is still one of Suzanna’s favourites and having the knowledge and skills to create one’s own choreography was and still is a passion with great skill holding many fabulous memories of packed classes and people fighting over their Spot 😉 We all have a spot we always return to as our comfort place within a studio, do you?

Over the last 25 years Suzanna has experienced many avenues within the industry from working as a freelance instructor in various parts of the country and overseas, co-ordinating studio timetables within large establishments, creating, developing and delivering training programmes, tutoring and assessing a vast array of fitness qualifications, whilst delivering quality assurance as a qualified Internal Verifier.

After many years of teaching a multitude of classes and personal training clients Suzanna’s aspiration in life is to share all her knowledge with others encouraging them to start their own paths and explore the wonderful experiences she knows can be gained within the industry. Suzanna is the founder and Managing Director of SMART Qualifications and hopes that your journey with SMART Qualification’s is a valuable one.

Creativity is one of Suzanna’s powerful tools therefore encouraging the creativity of self-produced individual choreography and teaching characteristics will always stand strong in all Suzanna’s goals.

Suzanna recognises we are all individuals that we all learn and develop at different paces and with different styles. No one person is the same and that is what makes the world an exciting place.